This site mainly deals with valuation of North American stocks.  Valuation is trying to discern the value of a particular stock, equity, or other investment.  Once a stock has been valued, then one can decide if the stock might fit with your portfolio, and if the buy price might be appropriate.

I am a self-directed Canadian investor, in his late 40’s, hoping to retire soon.  Stock analysis is my hobby, but not job or career.  I do not have any formal business degrees, or an MBA.  I am  a self-taught investor.  I am a graduate of the Canadian Securities Course, which is a course that many financial professionals in Canada do.  My valuation knowledge is through reading, and have done an executive course at Stern School of Business, at NYU, of valuation.  much of my knowledge of the techniques of relative and intrinsic valuation is based on the teachings of this course, and building on these principles.

As with any stock, they may, or may not fit well into your portfolio.  The stock market can be volatile.  You can make some return, and you can lose some money!!!

Please remember, I am just giving my opinion. I am not a financial planner, advisor or financial professional. I am just a self-directed, do-it yourself investor.  Do your own research, talk to your own financial advisor, prior to making any financial decisions!


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